Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mormons and Gideons

Lincoln had his first encounter with Mormonism last weekend. The family minus myself got enjoy President's Day in Minneapolis, seeing relatives, and the Mall of America, and swimming in a hotel pool. In the room, however, next to the Gideon's Bible in the hotel room was a Book of Mormon.
Lincoln also had his first memorable encounter with a Gideon last weekend. The Gideons speaker in church on Sunday talked about a gal who came to Christ after "stealing" a Bible from a hotel room. Put the two together. Shake them up in a nine-year-old brain and Lincoln holds up the Book of Mormon and asks his mom, "Is this book one we can steal?"
What do do? Kristl decided on just giving the facts of the case to Lincoln and letting him figure things out on his own. She casually explained that that book was a story about Jesus that a man made up about Jesus going to speak to the Indians in America. Confused a bit, Lincoln began flipping through the pages of both the blue Book of Mormon and the red Gideon's Bible. Finally flipping to the last page of the Book of Mormon showing it to Mom and saying, "See, right here it says 'the end'. This book is a fairy tale."
And that was the end of that.

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MED said...

Ah, the simplicity of a child's mind and yet how deep an understanding of the Christian faith. I'm impressed. You've raised him well.