Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mormons at Liberty

As a regular Glenn Beck listener I am always surprised by how often he fuzzes the lines between "faith" and "politics". I am not sure whether he does with intention but he certainly does so with conviction. I sense the same conviction in Romney, but with more political tact.

Neither are intellectual slouches so I also must believe that whether their convictions stem from a vibrant Mormon faith or a nominal one both must at least be familiar with what both Evangelicals and the LDS teach. Unfortunately there is little that hallmarks between the two in popular culture. All Evangelicals have been shaking off distinctives as fast as any First Baptist Church re-naming committee. Yet we do share this common social-conservative conviction.

If anything, we Evangelicals, have certainly been complacently church-growthing our congregations over the last few decades. And while we have acheived numerical and socio-political sucess, we have failed to credit God for them resorting instead to writing books and organizing seminars. We have side-stepped the Christian narrative of "Christ is worth dying for" and replaced it with "Christ is worth living for." The latter promotes a gritty, fist-clenching faith. The former promotes an open-handed and other-worldly faith. The latter creates followers  passionate about conviction. The former followers passionate about grace.