Thursday, February 12, 2009

Link of the Moment

Ryan Stander's [Potok-Grenz-Kerouac-Augustine-Norris fan] link to and text of a document on Baptist Identity, here.
Two mistaken paths imperil this precious freedom in contemporary Baptist life. Down one path go those who would shackle God’s freedom to a narrow biblical interpretation and a coercive hierarchy of authority. Down the other path walk those who would sever freedom from our membership in the body of Christ and the community’s legitimate authority, confusing the gift of God with notions of autonomy or libertarian theories. We contend that these two conceptions of freedom, while seemingly different, both define freedom as a property of human nature apart from the freedom of God in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We reject both of them as false.
Can this be read as a comment on church membership?

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