Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bible Reading Plans

Okay, I need to start a daily Bible reading plan. I have been doing some online exploring and have come up with these choices (so far). What plan do you use?

Various Bible-in-a-Year Plans Here
Straight Through (Genesis-Revelation)
Discipleship Journal's Through the New Testament
Discipleship Journal's Through the Bible Book-at-a-Time
Discipleship Journal's Through the Bible (Four Parts per Day)
Bethlehem Baptist reading plans

More than once through the Bible-in-a-Year Plans
Rober Murray McCheyne Reading Plan
McCheyne Readings Updated Daily to make your home page.

Through the Bible in more than One Year
Every Word in the Bible in Three Years
Bible in Three Years

Various Other Year Plans
Losely "Chronologically" Arranged
New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs in one Year
Eastern Orthodox Psalms Worship Plan

Various Other Plans has quite a few plans.
Zondervan's website has bible reading plans on differing topics from two weeks to to three years.
ESV Bible's website has bible reading plans including the Book of Common Prayer Daily Office
121 Day of Bible Characters
61 Day Bible Survey
30 Days with Jesus (Gospels Reading Plan)
Taizé daily readings

Historical Classical Realding Plans

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MED said...

Wow. That's a lot of reading plans. Here's what I would do. I like topics, but I would rather make the Word the focus rather than the topic. So, I would pick one of the discipleship plans. But that's just me. If you are more like Ryan or Andy you would probably pick Augustine or another classical reading plan.