Friday, April 24, 2009

Baptismal Motivation

The Procatechesis of Cyril of Jerusalem gives these thoughts on our motivation for baptism
Perhaps you have come for some other reason? A man may want to please a woman and may come for that reason. The same may be true of a woman. A slave may perhaps want to please his master, and a friend his friend. I take whatever is on the hook, I pull you in, you who came with an evil intention but will be saved by your hope of the good. Doubtless you did not know, did you, where you were going, and did not recognize the net in which you have been caught? You have been taught in the Church’s net!

When all is said and done it is the Lord's work even in our fumbling attempts at obedience.
The perfume of happiness is already being poured out on you,
O you who are receiving the light!
You are already gathering spiritual flowers
To plait celestial crowns
The Holy Spirit has already breathed his fragrance on you!
You have already reached the entrance hall of the royal palace!
May you soon be led in to the King!

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