Monday, August 21, 2006

Leadership Emergence

Leadership Emergence Theory was developed by J. Robert Clinton after his studying of the biographies of 1,000s of Christians Leaders in various venues and times. Clinton's conlusions being that God works in similar ways in the developing of a Christian into Christian leader, most going through a process of Character formation, Skill formation and Strategic formation. L.E.T. involves a heavy dose of "life mapping" where clues and hints can be discovered about the ways in which God's workmanship has been shaped over the course of a lifetime. "Critical incidents" positive and negative become a prime focus during the life mapping process.

In a formula Leadership Emergence Theory reads like this:

Leadership = Function of (p,t,r)

Leadership is a function of p [process items], t [time], and r [our responses]. Are these really the components of leadership development / discipleship? Or is there something else?

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