Sunday, August 13, 2006

Job of Uz

What I find most amazing about the Job story is that its internal discussion is framed by the story of the Lord's action. Job's worldview is tied very closely to what God is doing in Job's world. The Lord gives. The Lord takes. The Lord allows the roaming accuser to influence his decisions. The Lord says "brace yourself!"

Who are we? We are God's people who are blessed and cursed by God.
Where do we live? We live in a world that is evil and random but where every event, for good or for ill, is overseen by the Lord.
So what's wrong? Even the most righteous man of all the east is given over to terrible tradgedy and pain.
What's the solution? We must trust that the God of heaven does see and hear us when we cry, even though we may never know, understand, or experience relief.
What time is it? We live inbetween when God has acted and will act again. We live in anticipation of the salvation that comes from no one else.

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