Friday, March 20, 2009

John Hunt States the Obvious

Now Mr. Hunt has become the pioneer in a rejuvenated campaign for a way of cancelling baptisms given to children too young to decide for themselves whether they wanted this formal initiation into Christianity.

Surprising article found on the BBC. I never did meet an Atheist who didn't make some sense to start with. They tend to spin off in a random crazy direction, but they start with the truth. Babies, who are "too young to decide for themselves", cannot make a choice to surrender their lives to Christ. The article goes on to say:
I, John Geoffrey Hunt, having been subjected to the rite of Christian baptism in infancy... hereby publicly revoke any implications of that rite. I reject all its creeds and other such superstitions in particular the perfidious belief that any baby needs to be cleansed of original sin.

How much heresy spins off of a legitimate concern of the Church. We Baptists have a legitimate concern for assurance of salvation founded in the work of Christ, and therefore do not baptize wee children. So in the one sense we can agree with Mr. Hunt. But at the same time, to "publicly revoke" the implications of infant baptism in the Churches that we fellowship with is quite another matter.

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